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Advance Diploma In Professional Accounting - TALLY CHAMPION

Advance Diploma In Professional Accounting - TALLY CHAMPION
  • Course Code : ED03
  • Course Type : gold
  • Duration : 12 months
  • Eligibility : 12
  • Status : Active

Advance Diploma In Professional Accounting - ADPA

Module I

Basic of Computer, Complete Office Automation, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Internet & Email.

Module II

Basic of Account, Introductions, Types of Account, Accounting Concepts, Double Entry System, Industry wise Accounting, Basic Rules of Accounts.

Module III

Manual Accounting, Account books like Voucher, Daybook, Cashbook, Final Statements.

Module IV

Basic Accounting & Inventory with Financial Management In Tally Prime and Tally.ERP 9, Company Master, Accounts Master, Accounting Voucher Entry, Creating Voucher Master, Basic Inventory Vouchers, Inventory Master, Multilingual Capabilities, Trade Account, Basic Reports, Advance Accounting & Inventory, Bill wise details, Cost Center & Categories, Voucher & Cost Center Class, Multiple Currencies, Interest Calculation, Banking, Order Processing, Tracking Numbers, Batch Management, Price list & levels, Stock Valuation methods, Inventory aging analysis.

Module V

Job Costing & Job Order Processing, Master for job Costing, Transactions, Job Oreder Processing, Report Management.

Module VI

Report Management, Cash / Fund Flow, Costing Methods, Scenario & Budget Management.

Module VII

Tax Accounting with Tally.ERP9, VAT, CST, TDS, Service Tax, Excise Duty, Excise for Dealer, Excise for Manufacture, Dealership Type with details.

Module VIII

Data Collaboration, Security, Export data to Excel, ODBC server.

Module IX

Salary Management with Payroll, Pay head, Employee Group & Master, Managing Attendance Production Type, Configuration Payroll Reports, Generate Pay Slip, Statuary Deductions, Employee Lone & Advances, Income Tax on Salary, Employee Pension Scheme.

Module X

Tally for GST, e - way Bill, Final online Exam & Assignment

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