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Welcome To The India's Biggest IT Education Hub. Our New collaboration with MCITER Maharashtra . Kindly verify your old Mark sheet before 2021 on Www.edgeeducations.org.

Franchise Advantage

Education is one of the most important and the growing sector in India that provides a whole lot of business opportunities for the people looking to enter the business world. Franchise models across the globe have succeeded very well in education industry due to following factors:

  • Higher Success Rate: Education franchise involves higher success rate because of the fact that even in tough times, education is the last place where people cut their finances.
  • Training and support: Franchisees usually need training support from the franchiser. In education sector this support is much easier since both the franchiser and the franchisee are into education.
  • Experience: Unlike other businesses everyone has experienced learning in education in their personal life. This makes them more compatible for pursuing education business compared to other businesses.

EDGE Advantage



EDGE products are developed by national-level skill development experts and based on strong research foundation. Our products have high degree of customization and serve wide range of clientele-graduates, Engineers, MBAs, children etc. EDGE centres are fully occupied round the clock and for 365 days a year.

Unique Positioning ofEDGE Centre


With smart infrastructure, creative fixtures and advanced learning environment, EDGE Centres will enjoy unique positioning in the education sector. The layouts designed exclusively for EDGE Centres are unique and first of its kind in India.

Complete Guidance on BusinessProcesses


EDGE Centres adopt our standard business processes which provide direction on all aspects of running training centres such as establishing training centre, recruitment of trainers, training of trainers, advertising, marketing etc.

Well-balanced BusinessModel


EDGE Centres will operate on a balanced business model where the revenue risk is minimal. It involves multiple revenue streams, with revenue flowing from both government-sponsored programs as well as retail programs.

100% Activity-basedLearning


All trainings at EDGE Centres will be delivered through activity-based learning. Our activities are extremely practical, innovative and ensure 100% attention of students. Our “Power Learning” methodologies are most effective means to impart skills in students.



Advertising is an integral and vital aspect of skill training business. We contribute our all experience & support you to low cost efficient. We provide all soft copies design of Newspapers, Ads, hording board ,pamphlet design and Digital marketing etc.

Special Discounts on FutureBusinesses


As product-based company which is expanding very fast, Edge Educations would venture into other areas of education. As EDGE partner, you will be privileged to avail our special considerations, discounts in the future.

Total Quality ManagementSystems


Our TQMS ensures standardization of all business processes maintaining highest quality standards. Our Optimized operational model is meticulously designed to guarantee best utilization of important resources such as training center, material and trainers.



Edge Educations will provide 24x7 supports through our call center which will provide information and handle queries on all aspects of the business. In addition, our Business Development Officer (BDO) will personally visit the center to handle specific or troubleshoot the issues related to the Edge centre.

Edge Educations

We are Education, create your passion and inspiration. And hope success will come for your dream. Please send email and get latest news.

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