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Welcome To The India's Biggest IT Education Hub. Our New collaboration with MCITER Maharashtra . Kindly verify your old Mark sheet before 2021 on Www.edgeeducations.org.

The Objective

  • We provide students a through training that will allow them to build up a professional career in their field of interest.
  • The mission aims at the empowerment of youth, through imparting them technical skills and encouraging their self - economical reliability.
  • To empower youth through income generating skills and entrepreurship.
  • Promote the youth to and full participation, on the basis of equality with youth in economic opportunity and education.
  • To develop and disseminate strategies that can be used in analyzing the local situation and developing innovative skills at the local level.
  • To facilitate economic development ,suitable skill up gradation training will be given to the youth.
  • To provide quality training to inculcate self-employment among the youth.
  • To encourage sustainable development of skills that increase vocational and training Opportunities.
  • The Values, attitudes and skills, necessary to change behavior in regard to natural resource management.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to get Rapid Growth in Computer Literacy, Job Oriented Training and Placements Services, By providing high quality IT training services at an international level reaching out to global audience.
To contribute to India’s march towards becoming a superpower by developing the skills and personality of an individual. Thus, making the person successful.

We also believe that technology plays an important role in ensuring scalability, consistency and national operations. Therefore our focus is as much on improvement of business processes, employee training and re-skilling; and ensuring continuous and cutting edge technology enhancements. This enables us to achieve greater levels of business efficiency, cost effectiveness and Partner’s satisfaction

Edge Educations

We are Education, create your passion and inspiration. And hope success will come for your dream. Please send email and get latest news.

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