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Welcome To The India's Biggest IT Education Hub. Our New collaboration with MCITER Maharashtra . Kindly verify your old Mark sheet before 2021 on Www.edgeeducations.org.

Director Desk

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming, on behalf of the entire team of Edge Educations, a venture of Sanvi Vidhyapeeth (P) Ltd. Edge Education’s aims to educate the students. We believe that these students become leaders and contribute to make a difference to their organizations and to the world around them. The education system is innovative and very effective. Edge Education’s system is designed to enable the change the way a student learns and the same is very convenient and easy to use. We firmly believe that students are likely clay which can be given desired shape by experienced craftsman in form of the teacher. Our endeavor is to create a pool of talented professionals possessing knowledge, ability and more importantly, the attitude and resilience to deliver both at regional as well as global level. Our vision is to create future leaders who manage and create powerful organizations in the emerging corporate landscape. The curricula of all over long term programs are industry oriented based on best global practices. Academic rigor is reflected in the course design and delivery of these programs. Various pedagogic tools help our students develop not only a holistic business perspective but an ability to seize opportunities in a competitive business environment. At the same time they remain committed towards the betterment of the society. We provide good quality computer education product to our students in such a way that wherever they go they make a distinctive difference in the field of computers. Computers have become an important part in homes, businesses and the society. In today’s life computers have become a crucial part. Students benefit from using them as tools and resources for gathering information. Teachers use them as tools as well, to help gather student achievement data, or compile teaching activities and resources for their students. Computers are essential tools for productive and successful students. Computers are simply wonderful machines and everyone depends on it in one way or the other. In the quest of knowledge and with a mission to empower the students in their becoming excellent human resources and to contribute meaningfully to the Nation and the human society, Edge Education’s has started its services in PAN India. It offers wide range of educational programs in the field of Information Technology. We strive to follow the 4 principle approach i.e., Direction, Guidance, Training and Exposure, Our curriculum has been designed by Industry experts whereby emphasis is given on not only making students academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing them for the real life corporate world. We are beginning this new chapter with confidence, optimism and idealism. I take this opportunity to welcome you all at Edge Educations.

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