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Advance Diploma In Hardware & Networking- ADHN

Advance Diploma In Hardware & Networking-  ADHN
  • Course Code : ED08
  • Course Type : gold
  • Duration : 12 months
  • Eligibility : 10
  • Status : Active

Advance Diploma In Hardware & Networking- ADHN

Module I
    Computing Concepts
    Digital Computer Fundamental
    MS-DOS, Windows- XP, Vista, 7, 10 etc.
    Word Processor
    Spread Sheet
    Presentation Package
Module II
Hardware Support Skills
    Fundamental of Computer
    Computer parts
    How to assemble a Computer
    What is BIOS and Setup
    What is Computer Booting
    Memory (RAM, ROM)
    Motherboards & Power Supply
    Floppy Disk Drives  
CD ROM/CD Writer
    DVD Drives / Combo Drives
    I/O Ports and Devices & Keyboard & Mouse
    Operating System
    Software & Operating System Installation
    Install Drivers and Utilities
Module III
Networking Supporting Skills
    Overview of Networking
    Networking Component
    Networking Hardware's
    Network Structure & Architecture
    Ethernet Card,     Repeaters & Hub
    Switches & Routers
    Networking with Window xp

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